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Collimation proved to be extremely robust on our prototype. Yet it is sometimes necessary to check the mirror alignment, for example after each time your eVscope is having a long journey.

For this procedure, you will need:
1) The smallest hex provided in the toolbox (S2 3mm),
2) A clear sky with visible bright stars.

  • Point your eVscope toward a bright star by selecting a visible one in the list of proposed stars.
  • Center the target using the in-app joystick.
  • With the focusing wheel at the bottom of your eVscope, defocus clockwise to the maximum.
    You will see something like this :


If the dark cross is not centered (as shown in the above image on the left), you need to realign your mirror.

  • Find the smallest hex key (S2 3mm) in the toolbox.
  • First, move the telescope with the joystick to put the star at the edge in the direction indicated in the table below:



Then turn the vertical or horizontal screw in the mirror mount to put the star back at the center. For example, if the cross is too high :



  • Repeat the procedure until the cross looks centered. You might have to do it several times.
  • Move back the focus to the default position by aligning the visual cue with the top screw, then adjust it by rotating the wheel.
  • Move toward a target and enjoy. The image should look better !





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