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Father's Day Special Offer




As an explorer at heart, he likes to challenge new frontiers, constantly learn new things, or even contribute to the human knowledge. Offer him to join Unistellar’s community to pioneer the exploration of worlds that lie far beyond human sight.


 At Unistellar we finally made astronomy an incredible moment of wonder and discovery. Thanks to our patented light amplification and smart image processing technologies, we make each night of observation a memorable journey to the stars, enabling you to explore the mysteries of the night sky, its vivid galaxies, nebulae and comets.


We also made learning about astronomy, and even contributing to scientific research programs incredibly easy, as we built, together with our users and renowned scientists, a unique citizen astronomy network, where entertainment, learning and research resonate together.


Only a few dozens of units are left in our factory backlog for a first batch delivery before christmas 2019.


With the code “EXPLORER” valid until July the 21st, you will be offered our exclusive 359 USD/EUR backpack for free with each purchase of an eVscope.


This is a unique opportunity, to join a community that will bring astronomy to new level of findings.

Unistellar Team

PS : More information about how to use the promo code here: https://unistellaroptics.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024179614-How-to-use-a-coupon-on-Unistellar-s-website-


To get back to the eVscope product page : https://unistellaroptics.com/product/



If you have a question, please contact us at support@unistellaroptics.com with your details so that we can help you.

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